AELP Generic Interlocutor Course

Become a Certified ELP Test Interlocutor

Aviation English Language Proficiency Test is an interactive session between the examiner/Interlocutor and the test taker. The language sample elicited reflects the test takers proficiency in the language and provides sufficient performance evidence for raters to assess language proficiency as fully as possible.

Therefore, the Interlocutors must create a comfortable environment that allows candidates to produce the best language possible, without helping them and be consistent in test delivery.

The aim of the Initial Interlocutor training is to train the Interlocutors to elicit an appropriate language sample while consistently delivering the test according to stated procedures.

The training shall be delivered by DGCA Approved/Accepted Trainer, and a Training Certificate shall be issued by Aviacons, on successful completion of training.
Initial Interlocutor Training Certificate copy is placed as Appendix “ “.

The Initial Interlocutor course is a 25-hour training program (ONLINE/OFFLINE), delivered in three phases.

We also offer a 04-hour Interlocutor Course (Generic) focuses on understanding Test Interlocution Principles, Examiners behaviour, Language Eliciting Techniques, and management of test proceedings.

Lastly, the Rater Trainees will listen to a number of tests and submit the score they think the candidates should be awarded in each area. They will be given individualized feedback on their rating in the form of comments about the scoring from our team of experienced ELE and SME Raters and language assessors, which will help to guide you in their future rating career.

Tailored for aspiring pilots looking for world class pilot training experience seeking quality training and successful career as a professional pilot. The course offers a time bound and assured pathway to establishing oneself as an airline pilot. The course provides students with the confidence and skills needed to excel in the competitive airline selection process in India as well as abroad.
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