AELP Test (Initial) for Student Pilots

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The ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements apply to achieving and maintaining proficiency in all languages used in radiotelephony communications. However, English is a widely used language in global aviation.

In line with ICAO Doc 9835, ICAO Circular 323, and relevant Civil Aviation Requirements issued by DGCA, India, Aviacons conducts Aviation English Language Proficiency (AELP) Testing for Ab-Initio Pilots pursuing their Commercial Pilot Licence Course in India.

Aviacons collaborated with Test of English for Aviation (TEA Ltd, a unit of MayFlower College, UK) to become the first English Language Proficiency Test Centre in India to be approved by UKCAA. The UK CAA ELP Certificate issued by Aviacons is accepted by more than 75 countries.

The objective of AELP Testing is to assess the language proficiency of student pilots in use of plain English language in the context of aviation and based on the language sample elicited during the test, issue them Aviation English Language Proficiency Certificate with appropriate level, as assessed by the Raters.

The Aviation English Language Proficiency Tests are assessed by certified and approved Aviation English Language Proficiency Examiners (Operational Rater and Language Raters). The AELP tests are delivered by approved Interlocutors (Operational Experts).

Should have passed all the Licencing examinations.

Should have completed 30 hours of AELP training from DGCA approved AELP Training Organization.

The ELP (Initial) Tests are conducted on all week days between 1000 – 1500 hrs.

The test slot shall be booked at least 5 working days in advance. However, tests can be conducted on short notice, subject to availability of slots.

Candidates desirous of appearing for the ELP test may send an email requesting for test slot to 

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