AELP Examiners Annual Recurrent Training

Only AELP Training & Testing Service Provider to offer Annual Recurrent Training to AELP Examiners in India

The Annual Recurrent Training for AELP Examiners (Raters/Interlocutors) is a requirement laid down by ICAO in Doc 9835 – implementation of Language Proficiency Requirements as well as in DGCA CAR Section 7, Series G, Part V. The Annual Recurrent Training program is delivered in accordance with the scope of approval and in line with FCL 1/2000 issued by DGCA and updated from time to time as per the regulations and guidelines by regulatory authority.

Annual Refresher Training for AELP Interlocutors and Raters for DGCA-approved ELP Examiners/Raters in order to create a platform across various test modals to standardize the interlocution and Language assessment.

The 24 hour Interactive and self-assessment course comprising of 08 hours of pre course preparation and self-assessment tasks, followed by at least 20 hours of Instructor led live interaction sessions (Online) covering all the aspects of language testing and best interlocution & Rating practices, understanding ILTA Code of Ethics and ICAO Language descriptors. In addition, the participants shall be completing practical assessment of at least 3 sample test recordings and receive a feedback/review of their assessment.

Tailored for aspiring pilots looking for world class pilot training experience seeking quality training and successful career as a professional pilot. The course offers a time bound and assured pathway to establishing oneself as an airline pilot. The course provides students with the confidence and skills needed to excel in the competitive airline selection process in India as well as abroad.
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