AELP Training for Student Pilots

Language Proficiency Training beyond fulfilling Licencing Requirements

Communication is key in aviation. All pilots and air traffic controllers must be able to communicate with each other clearly and concisely in order to ensure the safety of all aircraft in the skies. Language proficiency is therefore a must for all those involved in aviation. Lack of language proficiency or inability of use plain English language, when necessary, can lead to miscommunication, and eventually to an incident or accident.

The objective of the Aviation English Language Proficiency training is to help student pilots to understand the importance of communication in the aviation operations, understand the ICAO holistic descriptors and ICAO Language Descriptors, decipher the ICAO Rating Scale, and understand the minimum licencing requirements. Further the student pilots are also taught how to use plain English in the context of aviation and develop their proficiency levels beyond meeting minimum operational level language proficiency requirements.

The Aviation English Language Proficiency Training classes are delivered by experienced Language & communication trainers with more than 20 years of teaching experience and trained by Test of English for Aviation (TEA Ltd), Mayflower College of UK.

Digital Interactive classrooms, high quality WebEx meeting client with audio/video streaming, high speed internet connectivity to ensure uninterrupted training delivery supported by real life examples and role play modules to make the learning fun, interactive and engaging.

Aviacons conducts AELP Training sessions on every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. The course is spread across 10 working days, 3 hours per hour, delivered ONLINE.

Should have studied English as second language in Class X/XII.

Should have passed all Licencing Examinations.

Tailored for aspiring pilots looking for world class pilot training experience seeking quality training and successful career as a professional pilot. The course offers a time bound and assured pathway to establishing oneself as an airline pilot. The course provides students with the confidence and skills needed to excel in the competitive airline selection process in India as well as abroad.
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