Charting Your Path to Airline Mastery - ATPL Theory Classes

Empowering Pilots with Comprehensive EASA-Certified Courseware

Prepare for your journey as an airline pilot with Trans Aviacons Pvt Ltd’s ATPL Theory Classes, a comprehensive distance learning program meticulously designed to align with EASA’s 14 paper ATPL modules. This self-paced course comprises 750 hours of computer-aided self-learning, including approximately 150 hours of supervised studies, ensuring a deep understanding of aviation theory.

Tailored for pilot aspirants and professional license holders aspiring to progress in the airline industry, these ATPL Theory Classes boast the most updated and latest courseware available in the market. Despite its cutting-edge content, it is offered at a highly competitive price, making it an attractive and accessible option for aspiring pilots worldwide.

The ATPL Theory Classes are tailored to equip students with the knowledge necessary to pass the ATPL theory examinations, obtaining the Frozen ATPL in compliance with EASA and part FCL requirements. Additionally, it serves as a valuable resource for Commercial Pilot License holders in India aspiring to clear their DGCA ATPL Examinations.

Developed by seasoned instructors, professional pilots, experienced flight instructors, and digital courseware designers with extensive industry expertise, the course utilizes innovative digital resources. These include high-resolution images, comprehensible animations, and pre-recorded video sessions by subject matter experts with over 50 years of cumulative instructional experience.

Offering flexible, self-paced learning and comprehensive progress monitoring, the ATPL Theory Classes ensure a high pass percentage and in-depth comprehension of subjects, setting the stage for a successful career as a professional airline pilot. Recognized by civil aviation authorities in over 15 countries across Europe, the US, and Canada, this course opens doors for global pilot aspirants seeking career advancement.

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