AELP Initial Rater Course

Become An Aviation English Language Proficiency Rater

The Rater Course is a high-quality online course which will help the participants in applying the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements to Aviation English Language Proficiency Testing.

The course is a mixture of online group discussion sessions and self-access reading and listening activities.

The Initial Rater course is a 40-hour training program (ONLINE/OFFLINE) (including initial self-access online course).

After completing the Course, the participants shall complete the online certification to be eligible to obtain the Rater Certificate.

Each session involves listening to real-life test performances from candidates with different accent/dialect and assessing them for their proficiency of plain English in the context of Aviation. By the end of the session, the participants will be able to confidently rate performances in accordance with the ICAO Rating Scale across all the language descriptors.

Lastly, the Rater Trainees will listen to a number of tests and submit the score they think the candidates should be awarded in each area. They will be given individualized feedback on their rating in the form of comments about the scoring from our team of experienced ELE and SME Raters and language assessors, which will help to guide you in their future rating career.

Overall, there are 8 modules of self-access study, filled with real-world examples of candidate performances and commentary from expert ELE and SME Raters. Each module consists of approximately 2 hours of content. In addition, there will be 5 instructor led live interactive online sessions where the participants will listen to more tests and discuss, as a group, our rating rationales.

Each session involves listening to real-life test performances from candidates from a range of countries and assessing them for their performances in the areas that have been covered to date. In the final sessions the participants will be able to confidently assess performances across the range of abilities in all 6 ICAO language areas.

Rater 1 (Operational Expert):

Minimum 10 Years of Radiotelephony Experience as a Flight Crew member/ Air Traffic Controller/ Aeronautical Station Operator in civil aviation.

Holding English Language Proficiency of Expert Level 6.

Rater 2 (Language Expert):

Hold a Master’s degree in English or Bachelor’s Degree in English with graduate diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) or Teachers of English to Speakers of other language (TESOL) from a recognized institute; and;

Have at least 05 years teaching experience in an Aviation English programme, or English for specific purpose teaching or Teaching English as Foreign/Second Language or Working Knowledge of Principles of theoretical and applied linguistics.

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