Giving Wings to your Hobby – Private Pilot Licence Course

Ignite your passion and feel the cockpit as a hobby flyer

Private Pilot Licence Course is exclusively designed for working professionals, corporate employees and other aviation enthusiasts who are passionate about experiencing flying and wanting to fly for recreation or as a hobby. The course involves theoretical training and practical training to obtain Private Pilot Licence from DGCA India.

The objective of the course is to help aspirants to understand the fundamentals of aviation subjects such as Air Law, Aviation Meteorology, Navigation, and basics of Aircraft Technical knowledge, followed by a minimum of 45 hours of practical flight training experience. The course is highly flexible, with an option to complete the theory via distance learning mode. The aspirants will have an option to go to Europe for practical flight training or chose to train in India in any of our partner schools. The duration of the course will be dependent of passing necessary theory examinations, course takers availability and other operational requirements.

The course is delivered by experienced Thelretical Knowledge Instructors and Flight Instructors to make sure the individual learning and assimilation abilities are taken into consideration and the learning experience becomes truly enjoyable and fulfilling.

We use updated study material, well maintained and modern trainer aircraft with conventional & Semi Glass cockpit avionic suit to ensure high quality of learning and developing skills of piloting.

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