Communication School

Mastering Aviation Language Proficiency

Your Pathway to Flawless Aviation Communication

At Trans Aviacons Pvt Ltd’s Communication School, we specialize in honing aviation language proficiency, recognized by major airlines, operators, and flight training organizations globally. Our programs are tailored to meet industry demands and are endorsed by regulatory bodies like DGCA India, UKCAA, and EASA.

Our courses cover Aviation English Language Proficiency Training, ensuring effective communication in diverse aviation contexts. With a success rate of 90% in Radio Telephony (RTR) exams and certifications accepted in over 75 countries, our graduates are equipped with globally recognized credentials, opening doors to international opportunities.

Our Communication School prides itself on a dynamic curriculum, incorporating the latest teaching methodologies and technology to facilitate optimal learning. Our goal is to empower aspiring aviators with impeccable communication skills vital for success in the aviation sector.

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