Train The Trainer

Shaping Aviation Training Pioneers

Empowering Tomorrow’s Aviation Educators

Trans Aviacons Pvt Ltd’s Train the Trainer program is a testament to our commitment to shaping the future of Aviation English Language Proficiency Assessment in India. Our collaboration with Test of English for Aviation (TEA Ltd), a unit of MayFlower College of UK, ensures unparalleled credibility and quality in our training programs.

Our courses cater to individuals aspiring to become Aviation English Language Raters, Interlocutors, and ELP examiners. Through Annual Recurrent Training and Initial Rater/Interlocutor Training, we equip operational experts and language experts with innovative teaching methodologies and assessment techniques, keeping them at the forefront of language assessment.

Our Train the Trainer vertical is designed to empower language proficiency examiners & trainers with the skills and knowledge necessary to transform the landscape of Aviation English Language P roficiency assessment, fostering a new generation of capable aviation professionals to ensure safe skies.

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